S.A.D.A.K 2015

IX specialty show for DA, Vršac, Serbia ,16.05.2015.

Judge : Marcos de Wiltberg ( ARG)

Vono Magnifico Blanco, EXCELLENT! Youth class-males

Owner : Nenad iand Marija Bojović, Serbia

Vivian Magnifico Blanco, EXCELLENT, 2.PLACE !Youth class – females

Owner : Grzegorz Gierek, Poland

Kaya Locca Magnifico Blanco, EXCELLENT, 4.PLACE!Open class – females

Owner : Dajana Mirosavljević, Croatia

Kira Magnifico Blanco, EXCELLENT ! Open class – females

Owner : Magnifico Blanco kennel, Serbia


1.PLACE: Kaya Locca Magnifico Blanco & Dio de Indios Latinos !

3. PLACE : Kira & Vono Magnifico Blanco !

BREEDING GROUP : 3. PLACE Magnifico Blanco kennel

PROGENY GROUP : 2.PLACE Magnifico Blanco kennel

Congrats to owners and hendlers on great results!