Dogo Argentino King of the Pampas

To encourage those who already have a Dogo to think about improving the quality of our dogs not only exterior... read more

How and why this breed was made?

This breed comes from the province of Cordoba, located in the central area of ​​Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez... read more

Most important in buying Dogo

The first thing you need to make sure before you begin searching for a puppy is that you really want to get just this race... read more

Gran Prix Gevgelija, Macedonia

04 June 2022

Grand Prix Gevgelija, Day 1- CACIB
Magnifico Blanco kennel results:
BIS veteran winner – Kira Magnifico Blanco !🏆
Love Magnifico Blanco BOB/JBOB/JCAC🏆
Lana Lea Magnifico Blanco JCAC/BOS 🏆
Brutt Farol de Mandinga CAC/CACIB 🏆
3rd BIS breeding group 🏆
3rd BIS couples 🏆

Dog Fur Hygiene

01 June 2022

Soon comes warmer weather, and therefore the sudden appearance of ticks and fleas! Protect your dog on time!


Parasite in dog fur

Coexistence of man and dog in urban areas is very close.

Dog is part of the family, and therefore shares the living space. It moves everywhere, goes to the kitchen, lying on the carpet, chair ….

NDS Vrbas, Serbia

28 May 2022

NDS Vrbas, Serbia, 28.05.2022.
Magnifico Blanco kennel results:
2nd Best breeding group;
Brutt Farol de Mandinga – BOB/CAC ……

NDS Zmajevo, Serbia

14 May 2022

NDS Zmajevo, Serbia, 14.5.2022.

Magnifico Blanco kennel – rezultati:
3rd Best breeding group;
Brutt Farol de Mandinga – BOG3/BOB/CAC …..

Preparing a dog for exhibition

27 March 2022

Your dog should be accustomed to a leash and collar, to go along with you, do not take off the necklace, not jerks. Dog on a leash and collar are learning from an early age.Next thing you have to learn to allow the dog’s dental exam. The judge at the show will necessarily examine your dog bite, no matter which class is reported. This dog…..