Dogo Argentino King of the Pampas

To encourage those who already have a Dogo to think about improving the quality of our dogs not only exterior... read more

How and why this breed was made?

This breed comes from the province of Cordoba, located in the central area of ​​Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez... read more

Most important in buying Dogo

The first thing you need to make sure before you begin searching for a puppy is that you really want to get just this race... read more

Dogs and COVID19

01 April 2020

In the past 4 months, we have all been seeing and dealing with the COVID19 spread all around the globe. The advice given by the World Health Organisation has been to wash our hands more often, social distancing and avoiding travel. People are struck with worry about their own health….

Only love….

26 January 2020

A little love from a buddy is never out of the question…
Tijana Dapčević, also known as simply Tijana (Macedonian-Serbian singer, artist) in friendly visit to our litlle Magnifico Blanco kingdom….

Litter S

25 December 2019

New litter in kennel !

D:O:B : 25.december 2019..

We present you Magnifico Blanco puppies from CH KIRA Magnifico Blanco x CH BRUTT Farol de Mandinga .

Info and reservation: :


No available puppies !


Preparing for 65th IDS Belgrade

16 November 2019

Tomorrow is the closing of the Serbian exhibition season. The 65th IDS will be held at the Belgrade Fair.
MAGNIFICO BLANCO kennel will be presented with 8 dogs. Seven Dogo Argentino and one Vojvodian Pulin (unrecognized race).
The IDS will also feature Frendy dog food, our friends and sponsors.
Drop by on Sunday, 17 November to Frendy stand at the Belgrade Fair. As always….