Dogs and COVID19

01 April 2020

In the past 4 months, we have all been seeing and dealing with the COVID19 spread all around the globe. The advice given by the World Health Organisation has been to wash our hands more often, social distancing and avoiding travel. People are struck with worry about their own health….

Dog Fur Hygiene

18 February 2017

Soon comes warmer weather, and therefore the sudden appearance of ticks and fleas! Protect your dog on time!


Parasite in dog fur

Coexistence of man and dog in urban areas is very close.

Dog is part of the family, and therefore shares the living space. It moves everywhere, goes to the kitchen, lying on the carpet, chair ….

Preparing a dog for exhibition

27 August 2012

Your dog should be accustomed to a leash and collar, to go along with you, do not take off the necklace, not jerks. Dog on a leash and collar are learning from an early age.Next thing you have to learn to allow the dog’s dental exam. The judge at the show will necessarily examine your dog bite, no matter which class is reported. This dog…..

How To Care For Your Dog

04 May 2009

For the Dogo Argentino breed is ideal grooming brush. The rubber brush that holds the body will keep dog’s fur in good condition and will remove the inflammation of hair. It will also reduce the molt. Brush his teeth (brush shop performed on the recommendation of a veterinarian), cut nails, clean ears … add it take him swimming……


04 May 2009

Intelligence and sensitivity allow Dogo Argentino breed obedience and good home training.

Practicing obedience is great fun for the dog, and if he is shown all the time, usually has no problem learning. Then he is ready for a new game. When he receives encouragement and positive motivation he is eager to please. Dogo Argentino do not understand rudeness, violent training, or an unpleasant attitude in humans. When exposed to this kind of treatment….