New special litter !

01 October 2021

New litter in kennel !

D:O:B : 15.09.2021.

We present you puppies from CAYAMBE de Santa Esmeralda x DYNAMITE Magnifico Blanco

Info and reservation :

Vacation in Greece

31 August 2021

We were on family vacation in Leptokaria Greece, with two of our dogs BRUTT and KIRA. We spent great time! Greeks are great hosts!

Leah Magnifico Blanco

17 August 2021

D.O.B: 02.06.2021.

Mother: Daisy Magnifico Blanco, Father: Brutt Farol de Mandinga

Breeder/Owner: Magnifico Blanco kennel, Sombor, Serbia

Kennel caugh

10 August 2021

What is kennel cough?
Kennel cough is a broad term covering any infectious or contagious condition of dogs where coughing is one of the major clinical signs. It is also referred to as infectious tracheobronchitis. The term tracheobronchitis describes the location of the infection in the trachea or ‘windpipe’ and bronchial tubes.

“Several viruses and bacteria can cause kennel cough….

Specialty show in Serbia

01 August 2021

If you wat to take your dog on nice specialty show, and meet many breeders on one place, enter your dog for KD “KOVIN” -Memorial Vuk and Milan….