Preparing a dog for exhibition

Let the dog get used to the presence of other dogs – that should do well before you show up at the show. Ask friends who have dogs that are caught on a neutral field, but you must be careful that the dog – especially when it is still a puppy, do not let the other dominants pieces. This may lead to the fact that others (usually) higher startle Your puppy dog ​​and make him the trauma remains long in the memory of which will definitely show in an exhibition in which will be a large number of dogs. But if your dog is such a temparament to always pay attention to the other dogs, just make an effort to turn his attention to something else, to you, the toy ….. And here, at the time while waiting for trial, judgment cage.Your dog should be accustomed to a leash and collar, to go along with you, do not take off the necklace, not jerks. Dog on a leash and collar are learning from an early age.Next thing you have to learn to allow the dog’s dental exam. The judge at the show will necessarily examine your dog bite, no matter which class is reported. This dog needs to learn from the beginning, slowly, all at a time. No roustabouts jaw puppy to learn ga dental exam – so you will only achieve the opposite effect. Do this gently pat the dog. First ga learn that his nose just touching and slightly lifting the lip to look at the teeth on the outside. When the dog stops to respond, that is when you see that this approach is accepted as a normal dog, go on – and it’s his first lift the lip on the front to see the front part of the teeth and bite – and then continue to lift the lip, gently turning the head dog to the side for better viewing (not much). When you see that the dog has mastered this part, and so we accept it as normal, gently open the jaw, with two fingers, gently press the language, that the judge could see the interior of the tooth. Well make sure you get used to a dog during examination of the teeth do not press your nostrils, and you can not breathe. If he hit his nostrils, the dog will scramble if already addicted to the oral examination.MUST then caress the dog and tell him BRAVO, ie praise ga.Pre oral examination in the ring – command the dog to sit, and you step over the dog, show your dog bite or dog so hold while the judge to review the sequence. The easiest way to manage your dog not to come to some unwanted situations (biting, kidnapping, removing collars, etc.), because remember: ‘Every dog ​​aggression toward man or man, the dog disqualify”View the testicles – it’s just something to pass the male if they appear in the ring. At this touch should also hang a dog before, similar to a dental exam. Slowly caress a dog door through the abdomen and flanks to the last part, slightly hover your hand over the testicles and put his hand down the waist. This is something that you shall not work fast, rough and unexpected, because most males will then react violently. When the judge asks to inspect the dog’s testicles, one hand to hold the dog’s leash-collar, and the other below the stomach. Every serious judge will ask you to hand self exam, because the lack of testicular defects for disqualification.Dog needs to fit in a position to judge was able to evaluate your dog. Do not be surprised if your dog is on his first show is out of line, not wanted to stop, not to allow examination of the teeth and the like – even if all this with you stories exhibitions (at home) radio bezprekorno. It’s all new to him and try not to be angry with your dog, calm ga, some can feel that has your support. It will probably be on the next show better, while slightly adjusts and realizes that it is nothing strange or scary.Dog for the exhibition should be neat and clean. The dog should be shown at the exhibition in full light. Bathe ga, but it is recommended that it not be at the exhibition. At least two to three days earlier would be desirable. If ga swim night before the show, all the sores, abrasions, redness … yellow coat color in some places, will be much more apparent.If you sign up for an exhibition dog, if the dog mentally and physically prepared, you can begin preparing the departure to the exhibition.Blanka Lazic