Magnifico Blanco obediance presentation on Happy TV

We have responded to the invitation of the program editor “Prelo u mom sokaku ” – Uroš Davidović and Bojane Ristivojević from Happy TV and presented the race Dogo Argentino as well as our approach and work with this breed of dogs. Along with Kira Magnifico Blanco and Brutt Farol de Mandinga, we took Julka , a mix breed dog that we take over from the Sombor Streets.

  The aim was to show dogs in studio conditions, among many people, sounds, reflectors … food … orchestra …. To see socialization and obedience in conditions that are not specific to dogs …..

Kira, Brut and Julka presented themselves perfectly, so we are proud on our work with dogs and approach to character selection with Dogo Argentino dogs.

Videos will soon be visible on the site ….