Kinology in palm II

Another wonderful morning was spent with the most sincere beings. Children and dogs.

After a May visit of three age groups of this kindergarten to our home / kennel, we accepted the invitation of the preschool teachers of the Pre-school “Vera Gucunja” from Sombor to come to the kindergarten with dogs. We took four dogs, two adults and two young ones. We talked to children about dog breeds, family dogs (family relationships), dog intentions. The children saw the basic characteristics of dogs (color, size) as well as the general impression of each dog individually. After the conversation, recommendations were given on how to approach the dog safely, addressing an unknown dog, to which body language should you pay attention … What is dog telling us with its tail down, with its shriveled back, with its growling or a happy swinging tail ….

During the presentation, my sons, Vukasin and Konstantin, helped me a lot.

The aim of this cooperation is to develop a proper and humane relationship with the men’s best friend, as well as preparing for a safe and pleasant co-existence with dogs – without any fear.

All the children were happy to participate in the presentation, they worked very nicely and at the end they rewarded the dogs with delicious doggy cookies.

Thanks to the kids and their educators!