International Sleddog race

Magnifico Blanco Team (Kira Magnifico Blanco and Aguero De Arroyo Blanco) is on 5th October participated in the International sled dog race. The race was held in Apatin, Serbia, on beautiful terrain near the Danube. The organizer of the race was Sleddog Sports Club from Serbia, in cooperation with KD Pannonija from Apatin.

Sleddog race in the dry race taking place on land without snow. This sport is characterized by a different breed of dogs bred to run while pulling carts, bike or just run with the owner. The competition consisted of several categories. Magnifico Blanco Team participated in the category Bikejoring 1, One dog open.

Bikejoring is a form of recreation or a sport in which a dog that carries pm, or those dogs run and pull the bike. He belongs to Sleddog sports on dry land and practiced in periods when there is no snow. It is also used for training pulling dog breeds out of season.

In the category Bikejoring 1 – One Dog Open (3 km), Slobodan Lazic and Kira Magnifico Blanco won 2nd place, and Alexander Komušanac and Aguero and De Arroyo Blanco 3rd place!

Lovely day spent in nature with the dogs, beautifully gathering and great organization!

All compliments to Sleddog Sports Klub- in Serbia