International dog show, belgrade, serbia , february 2009.

Dogo Argentino section
Each new season is always a challenge for breeders. For any planned breeding, mating or just simply running, Belgrade Internacional Dog Show is the most beautiful dog show. Besides those classical correspondence results by category in this race, allow yourself a little coment trial and dogs at this show, as the greatest in this region.
Traditionally, this exhibition is always carried out over 20, and 30 dogs Dogo Argentino race. That was the case now. The catalog of the exhibition registered and brought 23 dogs. Lovers of this breed certainly looking forward to the fact that in the last 3-5 years, a very large number of dogs imported from Argentina, Italy, Austria, Croatia and so on. Most of these dogs was shown that day. However, as we later see the results themselves, I think we should rejoice much more to the fact that they are very good positions but the assessment took domestic dogs from breeding.
Again as per the agreement, for such a large ring and temperamental dogs is alwaysin a bad part of the Fair,ring is the same size as that of the retriever or IX FCI group. It would have been the biggest criticism, but at the expense of the organizers.
As breeders are concerned, the objections are almost nonexistent. Is it good behavior to owners and their pets with them , in particular, our comments on it from a few years ago, or there was simply some combination of circumstances, will see in the future. In previous years, we still saw a lot more scenes, the fight with the owner of Dogo Argentino , the furious bark, bolts at each other, so the evaluation was often very problematic. Do we have some judges encourage the consern ? Especially important for judicial collegium that with this race, since recently, noted strongly penalted any signs of aggression. That was the case this time. All this is automatically raised the level of exposure to these wonderful dogs. And about that we have already written! But that day, one could see a very good ring socialization and training, most dogs performed very accurately the behavior of the owners themselves and, indeed, in the end, Mrs. Mirjana Makević, the arbitrator to that day, fair trial .
The winners of the classes are:
Male Junior class : Desperado Blanco Magnifico PRM, BOB ,breeeder and owner : MAGNIFICO BLANCO kennel
Male Intermediate class: Follien Dell Fiell Luchador Blanco CAC owner: Aleksandar Gavrilovic Males open class : Erkan El Perro Bianco CAC owner : Milan Babic
Female baby class : Babsy od Labudovog brda ,breeder and owner : Vladimir and Vukasin Stojanovic
Females Junior : Azra PRM , owner: Bogdan Tunic
Intermedia class female : Dogma CAC , owner: Miroslav Milosevic
Open class : Zita Magnifico Blanco : CAC, R. CACIB , breeder and owner : MAGNIFICO BLANCO kennel
Champion class females: Clea od Marjanovica CAC , owner : A. Markovic
All the time evaluating the judge described loud dogs, compare and ultimately recognizing all the parameters adopted a final decision. No need to emphasize that the evaluation of dogs (totally not care that race), the judge would have to connect, external appearance, exterior of the dog, its behavior, respectively. character, stroke rate, movement and attitudes and ultimately the overall impression of the actual Item. All this together decide on a dog who will win the day in his race and become Best of Breed. On this show the flattering title took a dog from the class of young, aged only 17 months and to domestic breeding.
So, certainly there is the fact that diversity engenders quality, but here there is already so large fund of dogs of this breed to breed with a little bit of planning and target selection in breeding we can certainly expect a dog that will stand shoulder to shoulder with those in Europe or even mainstream country of Argentina. Go ahead!
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B. Sc. ing. Slobodan Lazic
FCI judge