How to feed your dog

The first period of feeding is the suckling period, and this is the period when the owner of the bitch feeding has no direct contact with the puppies. Feeding high-quality forged, directly takes care of feeding her offspring. If you notice that restless puppies whine, to crawl around looking for the mother and suck your finger, it is sometimes a sign that bitch does not have enough milk. the owner needs to assist in feeding. Now in our market there are several manufacturers of artificial milk for puppies, which can be used to feed in the pups. There is a recipe from the past which can also serve as compensation for the milk of a bitch:

Ø ¼ l of cow’s milk;

O 3 – 4 tablespoons of sweet cream;

Ø 2-3 cubes of sugar,

Ø1 egg yolk ,

 Ø eggshell, dried and crushed powder ( the powder)

These are the amounts of food for 2-3 puppies.

After sucking as the sole diet, about 25.dana start weaning stage, when we give a puppy a few meals a day (2 + 1 meat dairy). Daily intake of meat is then 100 g.

During the period of 2.5 months, puppies should receive four meals a day, 3 of meat (200 g) + 1 milk.

In the period from 3 to 4 months, the puppy must have 300 g of meat. During this period the diet is reduced to three meals a day and a milk + 2 meat. At this stage it starts and changes its baby teeth and the need for calcium and phosphorus increases. This can be compensated by making a puppy every second / third day cooked, tube-beef bone that the weak puppy will not crush, but only nibble.

This diet lasts up to 8 – 10 months, when a puppy, which already looks like a half-grown dog begins to avoid one meal, mostly dairy one. Than the need for meat has increased, and some dogs require large amounts of time, and up to half a kg of meat a day. During the period of 20 months, the diet is introduced it will become permanent until the old age. It consists of two meals a day: morning :example granules or dairy meal and the evening meat to contain at least 300 g of meat + some other food. The total amount of hot meat meal should be approximately 2 liters of thick pureed food.

agemeat mealmilk mealamount of food / g
4 – 6 weeks21100
6 weeks – 2 m.33150
2 – 2,5 m.32150
2,5 – 3 m.31200
3 – 4 m.31300
4 – 8 m.21300
8 – 20 m.21do 500
20 m. and older….11300 and more….

The dog food is increasingly being used complete, industrially prepared food. Here we distinguish between dry, semi-dry and completely wet food. This food has no theoretical objection, as created by the latest scientific knowledge about dogs. But, keep in mind that science is still in development. So, we think, to permanently feed your dog with industrially prepared food is not recommended. At least one to two servings a week prepare for your dog yourself. Canned food is excellent for feeding your pet, solely because they themselves can see what kind of food for when you open it, and the fragrance to a conclusion. However, be careful who is the manufacturer, since not all manufacturers are equally responsible.

Blanka Lazic