First Aid / sunstroke

Since the temperatures are extremely high in this season,  new question is open.  How to help the dog in case of overheating?

In hot and humid summer days when dog is in some kind of  hard work (hunting), the dressage or usually in a closed car in the sun, it is common sunstroke, which is caused by overheating of the head that results in disruption of blood flow to the brain. On the other hand, in the room, where are  condition with an extremely high percentage of relative humidity, which prevents the dog panting to regulate their own body temperature, occurs omarica ( I dont know correct englis word…).

Omarica and sunstroke are recognized by the sudden appearance of inertia, unsafe walking and staggering, wheezing and difficulty breathing. It is very fast heart rate and body temperature rises to more than 42 degrees C. If you do not   give your dog  help right away, the animal will fall into a coma and will  not wake up ……

How to help your pet?

The dog should be immediately stored in a cool and airy room with windows blacked out. It should be laid so that his head is high up, and  the head and whole body should wet by cold water. If this is done on time, the dog will recover soon, but the next few days must have a complete exemption from any physical activity.

Still , you need to take your pet to the vet to determine possible consequences and try to eliminate them by adequate treatment.

Blanka Lazic