fee for pets

Owners of dogs, cats and exotic animals (who live in the area of Belgrade) will have to pay for pets a fee of 500 dinars till June. Owners will receive a payment slip to their home address, and the deadline for payment will be by the end of the year, said Vladimir Terzin, Assistant Secretary of Housing and Municipal Affairs.

The fee will be paid once a year, and the money collected in this way will be used for the implementation of strategies for solving the problem of stray dogs, the construction of new asylum and similar problems.

Decision on the introduction of fees for pets is not new, it is adopted in 2002. , but it was not implemented because we did not have accurate information on animal ownership. We will use the database of the Ministry of Agriculture, based in Belgrade, which has about 80,000 registered dogs and between 7,000 and 8,000 cats,explains Terzin.

Originally it was planned that the annual fee for sterilized pets to be 500 and 1,000 dinars for nesterilisane, but since the database has no information about what animals are sterilized and that no, this year to the animals well-known owner of the fee will be charged 500 dinars. Terzin expects Belgrade to pay taxes for their pets, because in his opinion it is not high, but there will be those who are ,, not satisfied with anything ” .

The only legal obligation by pet owners now have the annual vaccination of pets against rabies, which costs 800 dinars. I think that these additional 500 dinars per year wan’t be a big expense , Terzin said ….