Dogs and winter

It is very cold …. Temperatures are already long below 0….

What can you do to help your pet , to enjoy the winter?

1. Dog House

If you are unable to receive a dog in your house, or a room that has a heater, the most important item is a good cottage for the dog. Forget the makeshift shelters and other (which is often seen …).

Cottage/ dog house should be made of wood or hard plastic, with good insulation. Also, the house needs to have ventilation, or may not be a draft. Do not position her somevere the wind is under attack, make sure that snow and rain do not fall through its opening. This can be achieved by making the entrance to the box set door (prices range from 30 to 90 euros depending on the size), or strip curtains that can be stronger than nylon, or a harder mat …. jute sack … .

When you ensure that the cold, rain and snow can not enter the house, you have to deal with the mat on which the dog lie. You can use straw, hay, wood chips or blankets. It is important to regularly check the mat to determine whether it is wet. The wet mat is not providing heat insulation and in that case you need to replace it.

In the West (and also here ) there are electric mats specially designed for outdoor use (price is about 100 euros), as well as special electric heaters that keep heat in the house (the price of 100 euros and up).

2. Food and water

It is important to change the water several times a day to avoid freezing. The dog can dehydrate if the water is frozen.

The food should be increased, because the dog on cold days consumed more calories. Consult your veterinarian in order to reach the best formula for four dog , according to race and age of your pet.

You can use plastic bowl to avoid that tongue of the dog sticks to the metal.

3. Maintaining hygiene

If the dog has not cropped ears , regularly check that appeared ice or frostbite. Feet are most vulnerable to the impacts of winter and keep them carefully.

Regularly brush the dog, because dirt and fallen hair badly affected by heat. Maintain hygiene in and around homes, because even on cold days can occur fleas and ticks that can become active in a warmer environment. Use collars against flea or Frontline, Fyprist, Bravecto … what you can afford.

4. Physical activity

Unfortunately, the (still) most of backyard dogs with us and the environment is linked to the chain with minimal freedom of movement, it is something that is not recommended for any season. The ideal is to have a garden and large box for dog with dog house inside box.

When it is very cold, the dog should be provided with several walks a day.. Perform a dog two to three times a day for a walk. Bring food and a toy as a reward and practice tricks with your pet. Let him play and run in the snow.

In this way the dog will not be bored and will enjoy with you in winter days. After walking check mat, state water and heat in the house.
With these tips, shall provide your dog comfortable and fun winter. The dog will be happy. And that’s all we want.