Crappy plagiarists

Now this is something! (Text from Subhaus desing)

These guys probably tought that, when you’re copying someones work, you should take a bigger bite and not to satisfied with something small, like button, menu, etc.

I really couldn’t believe this when client sent me a link to website. It obvious copy of their website that I’ve design,

First a tought it’s funny, coz it is really stupid to do it that obvious, but then I saw copyright information in the footer (!!!) and even a “design by…” link after that and that made me really angry.

I don’t know what was the scenario… Did client came and said, “Here, I want the same website as this one”? In that case both of them are guilty. Or maybe, so called “designer” didn’t have any idea, so he tought “Oh, this is a good oportunity! No one’s gonna see it, anyway”…Well, someone saw it, you stupid jerk.

So let’s hear their names so everyone can meet them! It’s NetDukes Internet Solutions, from Sri Lanka. Some pretty capitalist web design, web hosting, web everything company with shiny corporate website and smilie female support operator on photos…

Guys…come on…if you don’t have idea, or you don’t know the job, there are a plenty template websites where you can buy one for 40-50 dollars. It’s not that expensive. Specially if you charge it…donno…I can even imagine how much do they charge their work.

I’m not some “sue-them-for-mill-dollars” copyright freak. On the other side, I don’t believe in that Picasso-Steve Jobs mantra “…good artist steal..”. I understand side influences and I’m also full of them, but this simply isn’t some unconscious projection of someones mind. It’s theft.

… and as moz once said:

If you must write prose/poems
The words you use should be your own
Don’t plagiarise or take “on loan”
‘Cause there’s always someone, somewhere
With a big nose, who knows
And who trips you up and laughs
When you fall