Right way to bye a good dog

The first thing you need to make sure before you begin searching for a puppy is that you really want to get just this race. After all, this, like most things in the text that follows applies to Dogo Argentino, and also for any other breed of dogs.

If you are convinced that it was the Dogo Argentino the ideal dog for you, it’s time to learn how and where to find it. You must know that finding a quality puppy requires time, and certainly the patient. Start could be in your Kennel Club., Where you can inquire whether anyone in your vicinity grown breed dogs. Of these people get the right information, and current technology (the Internet), you would of course introduced a lot more to the world KINGS Pampa. It is important that in all possible ways to better understand the race, even before she might see in person. Reading and interpretation of the standards you certainly will not hurt in this. When you think you know how much race from various writings, visit one of the dog show with us. There’ll be able to read compared to what you see and try to find the ideal type of dog suits you. Physical contact, and also in temperament. When the tension drops and the pass grading, please contact an Exhibitor. Most will refer you to a breeder and happy to answer your questions. Also, you will hear from several sources, but what experience people have with this breed.

When you get in touch with the right breeder, you will realize that he was ready to tell you all he knows about race, or that you represent what the brothers Antonio and Augustin Nores Martinez created.

Beware of breeders who will not ask any questions and who do not care where their dog goes. Breeder who hurry to sell you a puppy (not rarely younger than 6 weeks), apparently more interested in your money than the health and welfare of puppies.

No matter how much you have doubts and questions about race, a real breeder will strive to rectify the same to you and to all the questions definitely answered.

If you find someone like that (no matter how many kilometers away from you), be sure to see parents of puppies or at least one of them. Chances are that not only dogs and phenotype (external features), but the puppy’s future temperament of the parents identified. Not infrequently, the right to breeder litter, or puppy must wait up to six months and a year, so that the preparation time for a little more patience. Also, price is important measure when purchasing a Dogo Argentina!! If someone wants to sell you a puppy at the price at which the sale and Dachshund, and Labrador (no offense, I personally love both of these races), ask yourself why? After all, from too many mouths to hear that this is a GREAT dog and sell it to that. buy it carries great responsibility.

Responsible breeder will sell a puppy at fair appreciate if you conclude that you are being responsible and caring owner of his dog. Also, a reputable breeder will always accept the puppy back, if you decide that this is not the dog for you. Opt for a male or female, your choice. It is known that, (regardless of race), females learn faster, more tolerant and less aggressive are, of course. The decision is yours alone.

The true breeder is the real source of help to you and your dog enjoy a future life together ..

All of the above is just as important to buy you a dog as a pet or a dog for the show!

When buying a particular race, but, you know why you just decided for her. Therefore, let your pup be a true representative of the race.whose name proudly,, wears’’. In this case, the EL DOGO ARGENTINO!!

Slobodan Lazic, Magnifico Blanco kennel