New Family Member- Puppy

Dogo Argentino Puppy

(Or any other race, of course)

 You’ve got a new puppy-family member.

Whether the dog is purchased from a reputable breeder or you get a present from a friend, surely you are looking for identical information. If you are responsible as an owner, it will concern you in any period, a puppy should be vaccinated in order to feed your new pet, and when cleaning of intestinal parasites is done. (Dehelmintisation) ….

First things first puppy should receive are three vaccines,

I  Vaccination is carried out with 6-8 weeks of age (vaccinated as soon as it stops sucking)

II vaccination 4 weeks after the first;

III vaccination with 4 months of age.

Then you have the dog vaccinated regularly every year.

It is mandatory that 2-3 days before each vaccination your pet clean with intestinal parasites (dehelmintisation) vaccine against rabies, you can give your pet the earliest at the age of 3 months of age, but we however recommend that you move the deadline for several months, because of the potential weakening of the immune dog.

After that, rabies vaccination is required yearly basis, which is also a requirement to go to exhibitions, as well as trips abroad.

When your pet reaches the family it should be prepared for high-quality diet. Our experience shows that the most appropriate is combination of dry food (pellets) and prepared a meal of hot meat.

 Proposal diet:

6-14 weeks : 3 main meals + 2 snacks;

14 weeks to 5 months: 2 main meals + 2 snacks;

5-8 months: 2 main meals + 1 snack;

8-12 months: 2 main meals

 over 1 year: 1 main course + 1 snack or 2 small servings.

The meal includes:

1 / 3 meat components;

1 / 3 vegetables (except peas, beans or large quantities of potatoes) or granulated food,

1 / 3 of pasta, rice or stale bread.

The main meal can be ready-made food for dogs. Dry or soaked. When feeding dry food make sure that the granules in the stomach eaten 4 times increase, so keep these foods use only the manufacturer’s instructions are in relation to the weight of the dog.

It is desirable to use cooked fish, for example two times a week. If you use milk in the diet,  use sour milk, preferably goat’s milk (of course if you are available).

Lunch includes: Plasma or Petit biscuits, yogurt / sour milk, new cheese; Half-cooked Boiled egg, rice pudding, Chyme, and teach your puppy to eat apples (of course,if it likes apples) tubular cooked beef bones (due to the need for calcium), which will only puppy nibble.

In feeding dogs and foods that we should avoid: beans, peas, Chocolate for human consumption, chicken tubular / long bones (those in the legs), fish bones, pork, raw egg whites.

Here we have foods that are objectionable, such as: Raw cow’s milk can cause diarrhea, all fried and fried, greasy food, stagnant water, residual food in containers.

If you respect the diet and the regular vaccination schedule, you are left to clean your pet regularly with intestinal parasites.

You can follow the following sequence: Up to 6 months: 1 month (you have to buy a puppy paste in specialty shops); From 6 – 12 months, every 2 months (by tablet and a length of 10 kg of weight) of 12 months onwards: every 3 months.

Enjoy the growing up of your pet!