Eros Max Magnifico Blanco

Eros Max is a  four months old guy , irresistible looks and plush ears! He shares  everyday life with a cat Gaga and Manson, mixed breed Dalmatians and Rottweilers.Not everyone could socialize with  Max ….. This little dog allready  knows who he likes and who don’t and there is no debate! He will take absolutely everything that does not lie and do not sleep on the floor, and if  drew between the blankets and pillows, there is no happier dog  at  the whole world! Besides sleep, Max deals with harassment Manson, nibbling, cuddling, running in all directions, and the greatest pleasure is running on the beach or even better – through the water! Eros Max is a male from litter E (2011) Owner: Dajana Mirosavljević, Tenja, Croatia Text and photos by Dajana Milosavljevic