Eragon ( Rio) i Elano ( Neon) Magnifico Blanco

These two young males are very lucky, because they are still  together! They are living in  Ljubljana, Slovenia.

To Eragon, a dog with spot above his  eye, was immediately given a new name! His name is Rio, after a lively Rio De Janeiro. He jump all the time ,  sniffing,  and is not afraid of anything …. Elano is  another story … And he’s also got a new name. His new name is  Neon, because he is like  neon light, quiet as a gentleman and very attentive.

Rio and  Neon enjoys with  the new owner! They even visited the zoo and made a  contact with a large number of wild animals. At home they   have  Lori a cat with whom spend their time ……

Owner: Nina Trdin, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photo by owner