DOGO ARGENTINO – King of the pampas 1

Again we will start a few different articles related to this wonderful breed. Maybe because the number of dog shows continues to increase, but also to encourage those who already have a Dogo to think about improving the quality of our dogs not only exterior but also in character. However a small number of these dogs arrive at the exhibition, most remain in the yards and homes, and problems, primarily related to the character of these dogs, and ourselves is something that should be discussed. Here we will try to find how these dogs connect with our mentality. For those who know the history of the breed standard, let them not be bored. For these things in education we should always come back and be reminded just so we know in which direction we are going and how far we have come.

History of a Dogo As the main creator of the race is named Antonio Nores Martinez. He certainly is not alone. Creating the race was also attended by other members of his family and many other breeders from the environment, a close family of Martinez. However Mladjan Antonio deserves the credit for initiating the idea of a new race. At the time he was born 18.11.1907. in Argentina, dog fighting cocks were in full swing. He was born into a wealthy and prominent family. His father was doctor, a surgeon, a professor at the University of Antonio Nores Bass, and his mother Isabella Martinez Berrotaran from a prominent old Spanish family. As a boy he helped i raising and handling the dogs and fighting cocks. This has certainly left an impact in his subsequent thinking.

Besides, as the rich of that time they loved going hunting. But at the time  purebred dogs were not much at use. A lot of them were lost or  hurt, even eaten by a puma and jaguar. In addition they were following the prey for far to long without any chance to catch it or even stop it. This is primarily related to the wild boar which abound pampas. And that’s what young Antonio and his brother Augustine had to think about more. For such courses they needed a medium sized dog, but very strong that he could get away with booty. Remarkable sense of smell are involved, as well as searching in silence until the time of a game came. Bold and powerful to keep the prey until the arrival of the hunter (hunting knife and a long spear is typical of the region). Being white for easy recognition was good, but they had  to be able to hunt with other dogs and is in the pack! These were the features that hunting dog had to have a other than that Argentina would be completely useless. 1920th The government of the Republic of Argentina prohibits dog fighting, and it became necessary to find a new interest.  There was much left of  Perro de Pele Cordobes, the sacred fighting dog who could deliberately be used as a basis for the  completely new breed. No matter the fact they were too slow, low and disobedient (too aggressive to other dogs), they also had desirable and necessary features. Bravery, courage, and insensitivity to pain.

At first these dogs has been added  the blood of a  bulldog and Bull Terriers. There is still a suspicion that the young ( Hendler former fighting dog) still want to create the ultimate dog-fighter, not just a hunting dog. It had to be the best dog in the world. In everything! According to many who know the breed, they managed! Persistent mating with directly related dogs, leaving only the desired type of puppies, rejecting those with bad teeth and similar  negative features and throwing in the blood of Pyrenean Mastiff dogs gets Antonio what he wanted, and then its exterior was successfully transmitted to the offspring. Even though these dogs have become sacrosanct in illegal dog fights (there is no longer a race that could oppose them), they had to try hunting as well.

This has brought the necessary calm and the dogs are no longer fought among themselves. Then appears a need for large dogs, and after several crosses and mating with a large Danish, resp. German mastiffs is calm again, for robustness and white fur Pyrenean Mastiff Bull Terrier is added. Due to an even greater desire to hunt, the blood is added of the Irish greyhound as untouchable, including de Bordeaux breed known as a bear holding a (hunting in Europe) better than three hounds together. Most important of all for creating such a race is that brothers gave away all their dogs to carefully selected, responsible owners and took a strict record of where the dogs were, and also tried to influence the future of mating. They were strictly taking account of the character, and are unstable or insecure dogs were destroyed immediately! With all of this they began to work on a large scale of cultivation and popularization of the race on the entire territory of South America.

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B. Sc. ing. Slobodan Lazic
FCI judge