DOGO ARGENTINO – King of the pampas 3

For the moment of the official birth of Dogo Argentino breed 1969 is taken, the year when its the first official club of the breed formed-Dogo from Cordoba. Honorary President of this club was dr. Augustin Nores Martinez. Because the great men of that time had Dogo  received as a gift from the family, the race is experiencing an incredible popularity amongst ordinary people of that time. All they wanted is to have a Dogo! Club in 1969. registered 18 dogs and two years later even 1500!

Augustine continues to form clubs all over Argentina and in 1973 he finally completed the original FCI breed standard that fully accepts and incorporates the official Dogo Argentina among all the world and a recognized breed. Dogo Aargentino begins to be displayed in exhibitions around the world. The first champion of Argentina was the dog who was voted third in the exterior, because the first two dogs ignored the boar. This test attack was accepted on the  recommendations of the late Antonia, it was obliged in the review of developments of the dog. Only two years later under international rules they had to prohibit this test, which leads to a conflict and Argentina’s Club to cynological federation. Members of the Club shall cease to exhibit their dogs and tones follow rules, but generally this conflict brings race back into a period of inactivity.

Dr. Augustine died in 1978 and leaves the race as a testament to all those who are in love with it. By this time in the kennel del Chubut there were 1031 registered puppies from his own upbringing. Even today in some pedigrees can be found with the name of that dog kennel.

We won’t copy  complete breed standard and we will comment  only on those details that are specific to the breed, and about  the ones that bring the most tension in the exhibitions. I hope these comments will help breeders to DA, and judges who get the privilege to judge the breed at shows.

Slobodan Lazić

FCI judge

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