Baron Magnifico Blanco

Male, welped in 2015.godine ( Aguero De Arroyo Blanco x Johanna R Magnifico Blanco). Strong bone , 66 cm hight, 51 kg.  pincer bite. Full pigmentation, nice hair,in top form.. Noble head. Stabile character.Dominant. Tolerant thry domestic animals. Treining swimming and running . With ring dresure. Junior CH of Serbia


12.06.2016.CACIB šabac, Šabac, Serbia , Slavoljub Andrić ( SRB) – excellent, JBOB

11.06.2016.CAC Šabac, Šabac, Serbia,xxx ( SRB)- excellent, JBOB

14.05.2016. CAC Kula, Kula, Serbia,Milosav M.Babić ( SRB)- excellent

07.05.2016. CAC Apatin, Apatin, Serbia, Milan Došen( SRB)- excellent, JBOB

30.05.2016. AMDA Mundial, Zadar, Croatia,Serafino Buetti(IT) – excellent,

16.04.2016. Odzaci, Serbia,Pietro Marino (xx)- excellent

( Several years with us, now with our friends)

Owner: MC Brothers forever, Novi Sad, Serbia