Terms of use

Terms of use

 All photos and texts published on the website www.magnificoblanco.com, as well as parts of all texts or images are the property of the kennel Magnifico Blanco, unless specifically mentioned.

For this reason, photographs, texts and other material published on the website magnificoblanco.com cannot be used without the consent or kennel Magnifico Blanco said by the respective article, illustrations, designs or photos.

Also, design of the web site is entirely owned by kennel Magnifico Blanco, since that is entirely a work of authorship, and purpose-made exclusively for our purposes and cannot be used or copied. Therefore, Magnifico Blanco fully retains the copyright to all the aforementioned intellectual property.

 In case of violation of these conditions, any use of the above materials will be considered illegal disposal of property and royalties, and offender shall bear the legal consequences.

If you want to use some of the materials for non-profit purposes, education, etc.., all you have to do is to contact us and ask for permission and we will meet, usually without requiring any compensation.

If you want to use the aforementioned material for commercial purposes or for purposes that include profit, I assure you that compensation for it to will be very symbolic.

In all cases, the primary goal is the promotion of our kennel and our dogs, and therefore with much pleasure we will agree to all forms of cooperation. This is the work in which we invest very much time, money and love, and with the above conditions of use we want to protect our rights against theft and illegal disposal, but same rights of our friends and associates who help us mercilessly in the operation and maintenance of this web site.

Respectfully, Magnifico Blanco