Litter B

19 June 2015

New litter in kennel!

Date of birth:  11. Jun 2015..

We present you 7 puppies from same combination as litter L and litter V ; Aguero De Arroyo Blanco ( HD-A, BAER +/+ ) and Johanna Respetable Magnifico Blanco( HD-B, BAER +/+ ).

Both parents are present.

No available puppies !


Litter Y

19 December 2014

Date of birth:  30. October 2014.

We proudly present you three puppies from  Aguero De Arroyo Blanco and Boa Magnifico Blanco.

( same combination as litter U )

Both parenths are present.

No available puppies!

Litter W

23 November 2014

Date of birth:  27.April 2014.

We present you puppies from Alba Magnifico Blanco x Indio De la Paco Cassa. This is Indios last litter in Serbia. Indio is now living in Turkey. .Both parenths has stabile character.

Info and reservation :

No available puppies!

Litter V

20 September 2014

After a long and complicated birth, we have 4 beautiful puppies. Two males and two females.

Date of birth: 4th July 2014.

We present you litter V from  Aguero De Arroyo Blanco and Johanna Respetable Magnifico Blanco.

No available pupies!


Litter O

01 June 2014

New litter in  kennel!

Date of birth:  19.April 2014.

We proudly present you six puppies from  Aguero De Arroyo Blanco and Paris Magnifico Blanco.

No available puppies!


Litter U

10 March 2014

Date of birth:  8. March 2014.

We proudly present you three puppies from  Aguero De Arroyo Blanco and Boa Magnifico Blanco.

Informations i reservations :

No available puppies!

L Litter

16 October 2013

Exclusive litter in  kennel! ( Last litter for this year….. )

Date of birth:  14. July 2013.

Informations and reservation:

No available puppies !

litter announcement

08 July 2013

We are expecting a new litter at the end of July from  combination Aguero De Arroyo Blanco x Johanna Respetable Magnifico Blanco.More information coming soon!Information and reservations  :

K litter

23 September 2012

We are pleased to announce that our Johanna Respetable Magnifico Blanco brought to the world  three puppies. One male and two females…..

No available puppies!

P litter

16 July 2012

New litter in our kennel !

 Born at  24th of May 2012.  Puppies are from CH Desperado Magnifico Blanco x Janise Respetable Magnifico Blanco. We have nine beautiful pups,..

All puppies are sold!

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