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I should finally, after more than ten years in this breed exclusively, answer the question of who we are, what we are and what we do?
We are a married couple Lazic, Blanka and Slobodan with accompanying family.

The whole process of taking care of our animals has conducted itself with the occasional (and only) help of my father, George.

In the past (at the time) in our possession we had dozens of Dogo Argentina. Striving to their breeding objectives, we used various combinations of mating. From the first litter in 2003 and in each subsequent litter after, we have left at least one girl. In this way after 5-6 years, we had begun to really create the female line of Magnifico Blanco bitch. After that, each subsequent mating (inside or outside of the kennel) and breeding became much more demanding.

Blanka is from day 1 dedicated to hygiene and care of puppies, administration, marketing and communication with our website visitors. My part is the feeding, hygiene and care of the adult dog, training, training and preparation of dogs for exhibition.

We are equally involved in the preparation / processing of photographs and texts on this website.

Over the past ten years, we have tried in our country and in the region to promote race in the best possible way. About our kennel and breed several television shows were filmed (set in the video section). Our dogs have acted in a few music videos, and the largest number of articles about this race I wrote as a correspondent of My dog ​​and The Call (occasionally).

Dealing with dogs is our hobby. We still perform our primary tasks. Blanka is an Elementary school teacher, and I work as a professor in the School of Agriculture. In addition to general (technical) at the School, I also teach general Cynology and Sport horse breeding to my students. After graduation I closely committed to horses, that’s my next love, profession and hobby. I am judge for FCI II group and have license for an instructors and trainer in equestrian sport.

I’m dealing with Cynology for more than 20 years now, with training, but training and psychology of dogs (and horses) are my favorite areas. Having said that, I realize I connected my profession and hobbies, in a professional manner.

For many years back, everyday tasks deprive us of 3-4 hours a day, and often much more… After so much time and we still continue to use every free moment to go out with the dogs (or horses) in nature or on a trip. In the evening we walk the dogs, it is a must, every day.

Mostly (over the last year) we have had 1-2 litters per year. We have five males and five bitches. In our r family home is one male and stable pack of females, so we all together raise our puppies. (Other dogs are in another location with the horses.) Before takeover, puppies undergo primary socialization with children and domestic animals and are accustomed to the leash, as well as numerous situations inside and outside the kennel.

Do you need a Dogo Argentino as a friend? Or you want all the splendor of the great exhibitions? Maybe you need a dog with to go further in genetics and breeding, so you know what you can look forward to? Every puppy from us goes with our recommendation and the contract that legally protects the rights of dogs and you as a future owner. It is important to find the ones that believe in us and have trust in our work so that we can continue our breeding process in the right direction. For this reason, we look forward to your visits to our Kennels and your calls and emails.

Calls and emails you have send, filled with gratitude are just a confirmation that our breeding program and aim is in the right place and you give us strength to continue in this way in the future.
In the last ten years with the race, we have passed through various stages, but the first dog we strive to create is a stable and of course the most beautiful example of the breed. That was the main goal of our ten year long breeding. It is up to you to conclude what and if we have accomplished anything so far.

Thank you for your support!

Prof. Slobodan Lazic

Breeder, Kennel Club judge, licensed instructor and trainer in equestrian sport