Completion of crosses, standardization and recognition of El Dogo Argentino breed

The President of the Supreme Court Chubut province in Patagonia al. Augustin Nores Martinez decided  to open first kennel application in 1954. The first reported and the main stud dog kennel del Chubut was Mayoko del Chubut.

Brother Antonio was still much more attached to importance of education and hunting, while Augustine was already aware of the benefits of recognition of the first race of the Argentine, and later the world cynological organization. But the accident does not sleep, and in 1956 in an attempt of a robbery, during hunting Antonio Nores Martinez was killed. With such a huge blow to the family Augustin becomes unable to deal with herding dogs. Because of their political beliefs he ends up in jail. Race experienced major problems in the years to come. After leaving the prison Augustine takes some of the dogs from the kennel Santa Isabel and Totoral continuing education and selection.

There are still dogs given away to friends, especially those from Cordoba in previous years because the education in homeland almost died out. The selection is still based on hunting dogs, a forward line where he worked disappears from education.

There is a serious record of each dog and every mating. Growers in his council prepare puppies for hunting in the gaters, where they had to undergo harsh training. Other kennels are formed, some of which still exist today: Diana de la Vienna, part Tumi, Las Pampas and others.

On 21st May 1964th he proposed breed standards to the Ministry of Agriculture, that is, which subcommittee lovers of dogs accepted with enthusiasm. This date is officially considered the moment of recognition as a Dogo Argentina breed.

In 1969 Cordoba Club Dogo is established and club’s first honorary president was dr. Augustin Nores Maartinez. In that year there were 18 registered dogs, but in 1971 there were amazing 1500 dogs. Other clubs were created in the country, Dogo Argentino then comes at the peak of Argentina’s canine. In assessing the exhibitions all of the dogs had to undergo more tests, and finally even the worst attack on the boar had to be done.

In 1973 FCI recognizes race to and from that moment began to exhibit at exhibitions around the world.

The first championship of Argentina won the Taco del Totoral although its appearance was the third placed. The first two dogs did not want to attack the boar, and are therefore disqualified.

Because of this, many breeders their dogs undergo training as requested late Tono. Puppies have had to fight from an early age with wild pigs and small pumas, and how they themselves grew, grew and their opponent. However, in  1975 The Argentine Federation accepts canine world and abolishes the mandatory rules checking dog with a boar.

This leads to a large atomized between the parent club and the national federation. The best breeders stopped exhibiting their dogs at national exhibitions, which of course is the most damaging race itself.

Augustin Nores Martinez dies in1978 but leaves behind 1031 puppy entered in the stud book of kennel del Chubut.

With some of our earlier articles on the history of the race, this would be in short the creation and development of this wonderful breed, but which is now noticeably stuck to heart of many from our area. Is it because the nobility in this region centuries ago followed by Molossus and fearless? Or does the blood of our ancestors in all of us is the one who loves this breed!? Or we simply like having them with us, so cuddly, and yet so fearless heart and a friend. Who knows?!

B. Sc. ing. Slobodan Lazic

FCI judge