vacation in Greece

Coexistence with dogs (animals in general) brings joy, satisfaction, a feeling of completeness, love… but often also loss, sadness… There are still fewer such moments, compared to the benefits we receive from pets.

Holidays with family and pets are one of those beautiful periods together.

We recently returned from Greece, full of impressions. Greece as a synonym for the sea, nature, food, music …. something that most people know, but what left an impression on me is the attitude of Greeks towards dogs. To all dogs. To those on the street, as well as to the owners. We were on several beaches, in different places, cities, Olympus, tourist attractions… Hospitality, smiles, positive emotions accompanied us throughout the trip.

We always and everywhere travel with some of our animals, but we have never encountered such beautiful emotions. We were welcomed everywhere and greeted with smiles.

Bravo Greeks!