Evelin Evi Magnifico Blanco

To our great pleasure, we present you a female who is growing surrounded by love and care by her  owner. When she  arrived at  new home, she found the seven-year old cat Bear. Although Evelyn for some time try to charm Bear , she didn’t  succeed … Experienced old cat does not resist her charm, although  while she is asleep, carefully look out for her …

According to the owner, Evelyn is  fearless, tireless, cheerful, energetic, active, madam  Eve ! In addition to the nickname Eve, there are still a lot but one that will best describe her is Tajfi ( from typhoon) because of her  speed ! Favorite discipline, of course, sprint. In addition to sprint , she also  likes to jump into the water by  freestyle.

Whoever  met Eve, felt  in love with her at the same moment ….

Owner : Katarina Drezga, New Belgrade , Serbia

Photo by owner