El Dogo Argentino

We have written way too many texts about this race, and still many people who have not met them simply ask: “So what is this race?, What are they with kids? Can they live in an apartment? And so on….

“Here is a short text link on the famous Dogo Argentino, without too much detail about the standard, hereditary diseases, the history and things alike. This is the race that belongs to the FCI group II, Sections Molossus. Tall, strong, impulsive dog, white fur. Designed for hunting big game, primarily boar and puma, and today is usually just a family dog, the keeper of the house and estate, service dog, or even guider of the blind.

It was created by crossing 10 different races on the basis that he did Cordoba fighter. These are the following breeds: German event, Dogue de Bordeaux, bull terrier, boxer, pointer, Pyrenean Mastiff, English Bulldog, Spanish Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound. There are many problems that occur in the breed when breeding, because these dogs are a highly fertile, bitch often have litter with over ten puppies. Serious growers can still classify the so-called puppies. PET quality and display quality, and, unfortunately, some they must remove (example: deaf puppies). And on the deaf it has been already written.

This is a dog that is well adapted to the weather and sudden changes of climate. In the summer months or warmer areas they have thin hair, through which you can see its pigment, and in winter, especially in cold-continental areas, you get a very thick hair. It needs a heavy and serious nutrition during growth, especially in terms of minerals and protein, as large as the race develops rapidly in the first months of life, and as an adult dog you could say that it is not demanding at all. On the issue of training is very stable, but a bit stubborn, so the basic obedience training or even the one for service dogs (which can pass without any problems), but last at least twice the average German shepherd training. It’s very tolerant of children, as beings without status, according to their hierarchy, but the dog should be protected from undue annoyance by children. Give the dog the more chance to spend its explosive power and energy somewhere. Long walks, running out will likely be good for a dog, but of course and the owner.

He lives as a member of the family, this is a serious guard dog, wants to have everything under control and he likes to sleep on some elevated place, and most of them are not resting at the feet of the owner, but with his head on them, or in your lap. It is unthinkable to separate the breed of dog owners, because they suffer terribly, become melancholic, and generally they find it hard to accept. Once you see Dogo Argentina to hunt or to attack another dog, it becomes clear that you ,no matter  you have a trained dog ,should never lose sight of when going in walks. They are still made ​​for all the cruelty of the Argentine pampas and hunting big game without feeling pain, fear, fatigue and all that, not to say normal. It should never be forgotten.

This would be the short summary of these dogs. Extract from the standard history and some basic characteristics of the breed. But why do we like them, when the whole Europe they are never used in the purpose they were created for. Why is there this great popularity in our country? I’ll still have to build on our previous text which also wonders. Is it in us the blood of our ancestors, who were followed for centuries by great Molossian dogs? Are we so fascinated by these dogs because of their beauty and strength? Is that what is so embedded into the hearts of all family members is crucial?

Or is El Dogo Argentino simply the best dog in the world? Who knows?

B. Sc. ing. Slobodan Lazic
FCI judge
El Dogo Argentino kennel MAGNIFICO BLANCO