CAC Bačka Palanka, Serbia

CAC Bačka Palanka , Serbia, 8.9.2013.

Kira Magnifico Blanco, young class, judge Andreja ćučnik( SLO) -excellent , JBOB ! Owner: Magnifico Blanco kennel

Paris Magnifico Blanco, out of competition ( Youth Class), Judge Andreja ćučnik (SLO) excellent! Owner: Dragan Markovic, Veternik, Serbia

Paris and its owner was late for Dogo Argentino competition, and were rated out of competition after the trial of judge Andrea ćučnik (SLO). Paris has received excellent score and comments on behalf of fur, body, pigmentation, …. teeth. Her observations also presented to visitors around the ring for exposing dogs. She said that she was sorry that dog did not arrive at the time for competition.