For a dog man is God and that is the main reason why dogs are popular.

Aldous Huxley, writer


Clara Magnifico Blanco

Under construction.....

Owner: Dejan Kelić, Sombor, Serbia

Fernando ( Nando ) Magnifico Blanco

.... enjoyes  on the farm outside of Belgrade.

Owner and photo by  Olja Maski  and Nebojsa Filipovic, Belgrade, Serbia

Shosshenah Magnifico Blanco

Shosshenah or Shana is a very bright bitch that perfectly fit into her new family. Although she went far from home, I believe that there  she has found true happiness...

Owner: Stephanie, Petra  and Alexandra  Kalajdžić, Halmstad, Sweden

Photos: A private owners collection

Cali Respetable Magnifico Blanco

Cali is the official Champion of Serbia! Besides the title champion of Serbia......

Owner: Nemanja and Marijana Stojšić, Futog, Serbia

Photos: owners private collection

Carlos respetable magnifico blanco

Carlos is a male from a combination of Desperado Magnifico Blanco x  Lejdi . Stable character, completely white..........

Owner: Simon family, Temerin, Serbia

Photos: owners private collection

Casanova Respetable Magnifico Blanco


Casanova is a male who meet  its owner when he was  8 months  old.   Quickly accustomed to....

Owner:  Abdelrahman Ossama, Cairo, Egypt

Photos:  owners private collection

Eros Max Magnifico Blanco

Eros Max is a  four months old guy , irresistible looks and plush ears! He shares  everyday life with a cat Gaga  .......

Owner: Dajana Mirosavljević, Tenja, Croatia

Text and photos by Dajana Milosavljevic

ella simba magnifico blanco

This is the dog that its owners have been waiting a long time ..... As foreigners, they waited to move to Serbia and then take Ella. Ella enjoys the family environment with five other dogs! Beside her, the family Aleksic is proud owner of two French bulldogs, Bullterier and ....

Owner: Sasha and Nada Aleksic, Limassol, Cyprus (Temerin, Serbia)

Photos: the owner's private collection

Evelin Evi Magnifico Blanco

To our great pleasure, we present you a female who is growing surrounded by love and care by her  owner. When she  arrived at  new home, she found the seven-year old cat Bear....

Owner : Katarina Drezga, New Belgrade , Serbia

Photo by owner

Eragon ( Rio) i Elano ( Neon) Magnifico Blanco

These two young males are very lucky, because they are still  together! They are living in  Ljubljana, Slovenia....

Owner: Nina Trdin, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photo by owner