Dog has all man's virtues, but none of his faults!

Vilijam Svečujak


dog breeding and reproduction

Misunderstandings often appear about reproduction and breeding of dogs.

If all growers would comply with the prescribed rules, there would be no problem.

Ø Crop husbandry and reproduction involves the pairing mode and female dogs regardless of their origin. Mating is usually allowed only between dogs of the same race. Mating relatives is prohibited and it involves the mating of the stud and bitches that have one or more common ancestors to the third generation inclusive.

Ø Breeding bitches are allowed after 14 months of age, and males when they reach 18 months of age.

Ø Females can mate up to the age of 10 years of age.

Ø Bitches are allowed to have one litter per year and 8 puppies in the litter until they are three years old. After the age of three, females can mate without restriction.

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