Dog has all man's virtues, but none of his faults!

Vilijam Svečujak


Proper socialization

Proper socialization from the earliest age is very important. For the dog and for the rest of family. A positive example of this topic is Vukadinović family from Nis. On picture is Cassius Magnifico Blanco and his small owner Emma.

Owner: Nikola Vukadinović, Niš, Serbia

First Aid / sunstroke

Since the temperatures are extremely high in this season,  new question is open.  How to help the dog in case of overheating?

Dogs and winter

It is very cold .... Temperatures are already long below 0....

What can you do to help your pet , to enjoy the winter?

dog breeding and reproduction

Misunderstandings often appear about reproduction and breeding of dogs.

If all growers would comply with the prescribed rules, there would be no problem.

Ø Crop husbandry and reproduction involves the pairing mode and female dogs regardless of their origin. Mating is usually allowed only between ......

New family member- puppy

Whether the dog is purchased from a reputable breeder or you get a present from a friend, surely you are looking for identical information. If you are responsible as an owner, it will concern you in any period, a puppy should be vaccinated in order to feed your new pet.....

Right way to bye a good dog

The first thing you need to make sure before you begin searching for a puppy is that you really want to get just this race. After all, this, like most things in the text that follows applies to Dogo Argentino, and also for any other breed of dogs.