The dog is the only being on earth, that loves you more than you love yourself.

Josh Billings



18. February 2017

ooooo, Your dogs are beautifull ! Photos are perfect! Congratulation!

5. March 2016

Beatiful Dogs!

28. February 2015

Love your dogs

2. May 2014

Excellent photos and dogs!

17. September 2013

Peeeerfect web site!

5. April 2013

Can’t wait for the next litters!also big kisses from the greek girl FANTASIA MAGNIFICO BLANCO!

14. January 2013

I can see that you really like your dogs! They are beautiful!

13. January 2013
Slobodan and Blanka


13. January 2013


23. October 2012
zafer ZEYBEK

hello. my name is zafer ZEYBEK.I am writing from Turkey.I am a painting teacher.argentina dogo dogs for a long time investigating.I saw on the internet and I really like your dog,If you help me I’d appreciate it.From my family to be one of the noble elite want to get a puppy.there are two small male child is going to be a gift they really want is a nice love their dogs.a nice family atmosphere and a garden at home will be a nice experience. What we need to do if you help thank you again best regards.

27. August 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

Thanks Andy!

27. August 2012

Great pictures!

21. August 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

Thank you Dido!

16. August 2012

WOW, very nice dogs and web design!Great information’s about dogs! Thanks!

9. May 2012

Hello, I am Chris. I’m from Thessaloniki, Greece. Could you send me an email with the price of a male Dogo puppy, including shipping to Greece? When will you have new puppies?

30. January 2012
Flash Chat

Im not going to say what everybody else has said, but I actually do want to discuss your understanding of the topic. Youre truly well-informed. I cant believe how much of this I simply wasnt aware of. Thank you for bringing more information for this topic for me. Im truly grateful and really impressed.

21. January 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

Thanks !!!

21. January 2012

You have amazing presentation.Professional,great contact and lovable adults & puppies.

21. January 2012

dear magnifico blanco kennel , i ive in germany and i am interrested to buy a male dogo sohow much does he cost + shipping to germany :) thank you ..

20. January 2012

wonderful site!

20. January 2012

I would like to get the puppy named Durango.
i live in ecuador. also, I would like to know how much is worth the puppy.
thank you

20. January 2012

when is the nearest litter going to be available and can you ship the puppies to egypt and for what price

20. January 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

@ Bulent, We’we sent you an answer…
All the best…

20. January 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

@ Nikos, You could contact those two web site designers:

20. January 2012


I’m looking for a Dogo Argentino’s puppy. I met with your kennel while looking for a dog.

I’d like a purebred Dogo Argentino for personal guard and hobby. When it grow up a little already it will get a dog training program.
So I’d like a puppy that great quality. My dog needs must enough physical fitness, massive-muscled, loyal and brave.

20. January 2012

Blanka good morning and happy new year to you ,your family and the dogos.i want to make the website of my kennel …..and i like yours the most …..can you help ? :) [:)]

20. January 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

Thanks Alishia!

20. January 2012

Amazing photos!!!!!

20. January 2012
Slobodan and Blanka

Thank you all….We’ve sent you an answer. All the best…

19. January 2012

i am Aacer from Egypt i was wondering for how much i can get a beautiful puppy from this letter
for how much and in how many days it will be with me …

19. January 2012

Hello. do you have the puppies at this moment?

19. January 2012

Hello, my name is Herv Dorsey. I plan on purchasing a Dogo within a year. Once I found out about this breed, Iwas hooked. I have been on the internet daily for over a year researching information and watching videos of Argentine Dogos. I think that I want my dog to come from Argentina. I have been looking at your website. I am very impressed. Could you please give me prices for a male Dogo puppy. Could you also include a price for both a male and female puppy. I would have it shipped to Louisiana or I would come pick it up.My phone number is ********* if you would rather talk than email. Thank you. I hope to do business with you soon.

19. January 2012

Im looking for quality and good looking Dogo Argentino. I found some nice pictures on yours site, and im wondering when will be next breeding and whats puppie price for male?
Nice evening

19. January 2012

I love your website and amazing photos. :)


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