Dog Fur Hygiene

01 June 2022

Soon comes warmer weather, and therefore the sudden appearance of ticks and fleas! Protect your dog on time!


Parasite in dog fur

Coexistence of man and dog in urban areas is very close.

Dog is part of the family, and therefore shares the living space. It moves everywhere, goes to the kitchen, lying on the carpet, chair ….

Kennel caugh

10 August 2021

What is kennel cough?
Kennel cough is a broad term covering any infectious or contagious condition of dogs where coughing is one of the major clinical signs. It is also referred to as infectious tracheobronchitis. The term tracheobronchitis describes the location of the infection in the trachea or ‘windpipe’ and bronchial tubes.

“Several viruses and bacteria can cause kennel cough….

Dogs and COVID19

01 April 2020

In the past 4 months, we have all been seeing and dealing with the COVID19 spread all around the globe. The advice given by the World Health Organisation has been to wash our hands more often, social distancing and avoiding travel. People are struck with worry about their own health….

Heartworms in dogs : Facts and Myths

23 June 2012

Heartworms in dogs are easy to prevent, but difficult and costly to cure. We  ( By Sandy Eckstein ) asked Sheldon Rubin, 2007-2010 president of the American Heartworm Society, to separate facts from the myths about heartworm infestations in dogs….

How to feed your dog

12 January 2012

The first period of feeding is the suckling period, and this is the period when the owner of the bitch feeding has no direct contact with the puppies. Feeding high-quality forged, directly takes care of feeding her offspring…..

How To Care For Your Dog

04 May 2009

For the Dogo Argentino breed is ideal grooming brush. The rubber brush that holds the body will keep dog’s fur in good condition and will remove the inflammation of hair. It will also reduce the molt. Brush his teeth (brush shop performed on the recommendation of a veterinarian), cut nails, clean ears … add it take him swimming……