El Dogo Argentino

18 May 2009

We have written way too many texts about this race, and still many people who have not met them simply ask: “So what is this race?, What are they with kids? Can they live in an apartment? And so on….

“Here is a short text link on the famous Dogo Argentino, without too much detail about the standard, hereditary diseases, the history and things alike. This is the race that belongs to the FCI group II, Sections Molossus. Tall, strong….

DOGO ARGENTINO – King of the pampas 1

17 May 2009

Again we will start a few different articles related to this wonderful breed. Maybe because the number of dog shows continues to increase, but also to encourage those who already have a Dogo to think about improving the quality of our dogs not only exterior but also in character. However a small number of these dogs arrive at the exhibition, most remain in the yards and homes, and problems, primarily related to the character of these dogs, and ourselves is something that should be discussed…

DOGO ARGENTINO – King of the pampas 2

17 May 2009

    In the popularization of the race equally participated Antonio, Augustine and the rest of the family Martinez. They had a negligible impact on spreading the rumors over the continent about the unbeatable dog, as well as the dog that is at nothing, and who does not withdraw, same did the people who have received such dog from brothers as a gift or purchased, as well those who have already had a Dogo. There are very few…..

DOGO ARGENTINO – King of the pampas 3

17 May 2009

For the moment of the official birth of Dogo Argentino breed 1969 is taken, the year when its the first official club of the breed formed-Dogo from Cordoba. Honorary President of this club was dr. Augustin Nores Martinez. Because the great men of that time had Dogo  received as a gift from the family, the race is experiencing an incredible popularity amongst ordinary people of that time. All they wanted is to have a Dogo!


17 May 2009

Molossian normal type, mesomorphic and macrothalic, within the desirable proportions without gigantic dimensions. Its aspect is harmonic and vigorous due to its powerful muscles which stand out under the consistent and elastic skin adhered to the body…..