Dogo Argentino King of the Pampas

To encourage those who already have a Dogo to think about improving the quality of our dogs not only exterior... read more

How and why this breed was made?

This breed comes from the province of Cordoba, located in the central area of ​​Argentina. Its creator was Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez... read more

Most important in buying Dogo

The first thing you need to make sure before you begin searching for a puppy is that you really want to get just this race... read more

New video!

21 November 2021

A short film about my cynology and work with the Dogo Argentino race.

Recorded in Sombor and its surroundings, in our kennel and rooms for working with dogs “Little Kingdom”….

Cynology in the palm of your hand

19 November 2021

Watch the short video “Cynology in the palm of your hand” by Professor BOB. This is one of several videos that we will present to you in the coming period…..

Making a documentary film

10 November 2021

A documentary is being made about the MAGNIFICO BLANCO Kennel and its founder Slobodan Lazic, by 3F studio production, with the support of Frendy dog ​​food.

Special nature reserve Upper Danube

02 November 2021

Our favorite place…

The Reserve is one of the last refuges for wildlife related to floodplains. In the Reserve is present 51 species of mammals, 248 species of birds, 50 species of fish, 11 species of amphibians, 9 species of reptiles, numerous invertebrates, of which stands….

Litter C

01 October 2021

New litter in kennel !

D:O:B : 25.09.2021.

We present you puppies from CAYAMBE de Santa Esmeralda x DYNAMITE Magnifico Blanco

One female and one male available!

Info and reservation :